A titled/deeded teak farm in Ecuador, Esmeralda Providence, is offered for sale. The farm is 164 hectares (410 acres). The tree total is 125,000 +/-. The trees have been started in our nurseries from mostly Costa Rican nuts. We have found that the Costa Rican strain provides for a robust, better growing tree with less branching. The trees were individually planted over an 11 year period using a 3x3 meter or 4x4 meter grid planting pattern. The diameters of the oldest trees are 15+/- inches. The trees have been well maintained by an experienced work crew. The farm has surfaced road and water access. The buildings include 2 houses and a large barn. The farm is located about fifty miles from a deep water port. There also is the opportunity to buy multiple types of lumber off the river.

The Pacific coastal area of Ecuador provides ideal conditions for growing teak; the topography, the plentiful water supply, the soil, and the location (less than one degree latitude from the equator) promotes optimal growth. As each year passes, the trees are significantly increasing in diameter size and in value.

Owner finds it necessary to sell because of health reasons. The farm is priced to sell.


For more information:

In English: 724-388-4202
In Spanish: 321-723-9317

Teak tree farm along river

mature teak tree

teak tree farm young trees

teak trees maturing

teak trees maturing

teak tree farm maturing trees

mature teak trees

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